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X-lite Error 403 Bad Auth


Is article helpful? 1 Yes 3 No Powered by: UseResponse - Knowledge Base Software Support A2Billing : provided by Star2Billing S.L. as SIP client is getting registered, I am able to get the voip-to-landline context in extensions.conf by dialing an IP address... Share Getting a 403 Error Jacob S. FreePBX® is a registered trademark of Sangoma Technologies, Inc. check over here

BRIA doesn't. If your VoIP provider cannot or will not use this, then there may not be a solution (when using your current VoIP provider). If you power off the phone, the app will need to be started when you power on. The Account Name is the name in-app of the account, and Display As is what is sent out.

Sip 403 Forbidden Reason

It is receiving something other than what it thinks is the proper user id and pass. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You've probably also locked yourself out of your server with failed password attempts so run service iptables restart on your server as well.Click to expand... How do I troubleshoot a 401/403 Authentication Error on iPhone/iPad?

  1. Spencer yet?
  2. try adding domain= to your sip config and see if this fixes it.
  3. You may need to enter Outbound Proxy or Auth Name information in the Account Advanced settings.
  4. Answered Chris G. ● Comments: 1 ● Reply 10 months ago by Yin Y. 3 votes Vote Forbidden (403) error - "RFC1918 IPs not allowed" Solved HvB ● Comments: 1 ●
  5. Android does not have this setting.
  6. What does error 503 - Service Unavailable mean?

Sometimes these messages are accompanied by additional text explaining the error - if so, ask your VoIP provider or Server Administrator about these errors. Please do the following changes at the firewall.For example, Netgear, under advanced, WAN setup, put a check mark on disable SIP ALG Port forwarding 5060You need to enable ports tcp/udp 5060 error- I have a couple extensions that are getting a 403 error, when I switch the extension and leave the password the same, I am logged in. Registration Error 403 Forbidden Eyebeam SIP error 403: No RFC1918 IPs when on mobile network?

Incredible PBX is setup using gvoice and sipgate. (attached is my xlite log if that helps?) any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated! Now, back to the Caller ID. Attached Files: xlitelog.txt File size: 14.9 KB Views: 2 #1 jrinco11, Aug 12, 2010 wardmundy Expand Collapse Nerd Uno Joined: Oct 12, 2007 Messages: 12,497 Likes Received: 1,827 Use a web Regards, Abdellah Hamead ahamead, Jun 1, 2009 #2 asifhafeez AoA!!

Get help with installing, upgrading and running Asterisk. Zoiper Sip 403 Forbidden Share 403 Bad Auth. The conf files: -sip.conf Code: Select all[mysjphone]
host=[IP address of the Win machine where softphone is installed]
-extensions.confCode: Select all[tryoutvoip]
exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,n,Playback(hello-world)

Sip 403 Forbidden Asterisk

How do I troubleshoot Error 408? How do I troubleshoot a 408 error? Sip 403 Forbidden Reason If you get a 403 when calling, your VoIP provider is denying the call. Sip/2.0 403 Forbidden (bad Auth) What does error 503 - Service Unavailable mean?

How do I troubleshoot a 401/403 Authentication Error on iPhone/iPad? How do you set QoS for Bria 4 in Windows? Thank you, I really need to have this working. Moderators: muppetmaster, Moderator, Support Post a reply 13 posts • Page 1 of 1 SIP not registered? Sip 403 Forbidden Error Cisco

I am currently getting 'Out of Area' when I call my home phone number or if I call my wifes cell # with my softphone the number 919-692-6063 comes up. Both machines can ping themselves and each other succesfully. Is there possibly another setting somewhere because I cant use it like this. this content What is a 401/403 Authentication Error?

Other SIP providers have a line that clearly says Caller ID display. Login Failed Forbidden Eyebeam That it has to come from the SIP Softphone. WiFi OK i get an error 403 forbidden when trying to make a call What does a 403 Error when Registering mean?

iPhone 4S Forbidden 403 Error code on 3G only.

You've probably also locked yourself out of your server with failed password attempts so run service iptables restart on your server as well. #2 wardmundy, Aug 12, 2010 jrinco11 Expand Why is Bria 4 slow to make an outgoing call? How do I troubleshoot a 500/502/503 error when registering or calling on Android/Android Tablet? Sip Registration Failed 403 Forbidden Reply URL Leave a Comment Unordered List Ordered List Align text to the left Center text Align text to the right Upload Image Link to Image Attach a file Comment

No, create an account now. How do I troubleshoot a 401/403 Authentication Error on iPhone/iPad? It sounds like one of two things is happening - your VoIP provider is not sending the same information along, or your telephone company is not receiving the info in a have a peek at these guys I thought that is just asking for the name of this account?

Is this what you mean? That's the best indicator of whether things are working properly. They should be able to tell you precisely why they are denying the call. I get "License Server Unreachable" when I start my Bria 4?

What does error 407 - Proxy Authentication Required mean? Vamos a la playa! iPhone 4S Forbidden 403 Error code on 3G only. Looking around, I cant find the setting to adjust caller ID.

See if that helps. Stay logged in VoIP Forum Home Forums > General Service Provider Forums > BrainTEL Support Forum > Home All Content Residential Voip Business Voip Hardware Mobile Voip News Spotlight How to mcfaddenjc Oldsterisk Posts: 63Joined: Tue Nov 28, 2006 7:31 am Top re: asterisk- 403 error messege by nabil » Tue Aug 29, 2006 9:00 am i have tested this option(nat=yes) What does a 500/502/503 error mean?