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Wins Could Not Read The Inittimereplication

The adjusted value for this scavenging param ... 1 838 Views 4152 The timeout period has expired on a call to another WINS server. This error is often caused by a problem w ... 1 884 Views 4190 A record could not be registered because it already existed. WINS restored the old database from the backup dir ... 1 1001 Views 4161 A non-zero replication type applies for this partner. Check the application log for the Exchange compo ... 1 896 Views 4226 WINS could not update the Owner ID-to-Address mapping table in the database.This means the in-memory ... 1 1076 Source

This process, called scavenging, is done automatically over intervals defined by the relationship between the Renewal and Extinct intervals defined in the WINS Server Configuration dialog box. You can set this parameter only by changing the value in the Registry: MemberPrec Data type = REG_DWORD Range = 0 or 1 Default = None Specifies the order of precedence Viewing the WINS Database You can view actual dynamic and static mappings stored in the WINS database, based on the WINS server that owns the entries. Check to see if the permissions on the key are se ... 1 1373 Views 4232 WINS could not get information about the Push key. http://www.dllmost.com/windows-error/42228.html

It has not been entered in the WINS database. 1 1862 Views 4301 The computer running the WINS server does not have a valid address.When WINS requested an address, i ... Two factors enhance WINS server performance. Ma ... 1 1999 Views 4228 The Timer thread could not be signaled. If the same error occurs during subsequent replication with the preceding partner WINS, restore the WINS database from the backup. 4261 WINS_EVT_RPL_REG_GRP_MEM_ERR WINS received an error while trying to register a

  1. Processing and Response Requirements: When R_WinsTrigger is called, the server returns immediately without waiting for the replication operation to finish.
  2. In such a case, set this value to a number higher than appears as the version number counter for this WINS server on all the remote partners that earlier replicated the
  3. And so the crashes and lockups kick in when you're in the heart of something important.These Wins Could Not Read The Inittimereplication is a sigal of sick PC.If you ignore it,other
  4. For each WINS server, you must configure threshold intervals for triggering database replication, based on a specific time, a time period, or a certain number of new records.
  5. Set this value to 1 if this WINS server is serving a geographic location that is nearby.
  6. It has %2 bytes of physical memory and %3 bytes of memory avai ... 1 880 Views 4310 The record named, %1, could not replace another record in the WINS database.The
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The replica is owned by WINS with the address in the data section. 4268 WINS_EVT_RPL_STATE_ERR WINS received a replica whose state is incorrect. A SunLink Server-based WINS client usually registers more NetBIOS names than other WINS-enabled clients. And That I necessary to download a driver and then I found Smart PC Fixer. The pull partner pulls new WINS database entries by requesting entries with a higher version number than the last entry it received during the last replication from that push partner.

After that, it replicates every number of seconds specified by TimeInterval. This is used for multihomed computers. WINS will recover when the IP address comes back. 1 1646 Views 4292 WINS did not get back any names from NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) when it did an adapter status. http://www.foxth.com/Wins_Could_Not_Read_The_Inittimereplication.html From then on, you could find out your computer get slower.

WINS does this to handle a sudden i ... 1 1071 Views 4339 The WINS server completed the burst handling of incoming requests because the queue length became a ... 1 When a remote WINS server notices a conflict between an active owned entry and a replica, it requests the replica owner to update the version number of the record. By default, this option is checked. Images may be subject to copyright.

Documentation Home > Solaris Easy Access Server 3.0 SunLink Server Administration Guide > Chapter 5 Implementing WINS and Maintaining Databases > About WINS Server PlanningSolaris Easy Access Server 3.0 SunLink The number of records scavenged is given in the dat ... 1 1202 Views 4144 WINS scavenged replica tombstones in the WINS database. Check to see if the system is running out of virtual memory ... 1 1096 Views 4298 WINS found some database corruption. Replication also is triggered when a WINS server reaches a threshold set by the administrator.

Parameters for Push PartnersA push partner, listed under the \Partners\Pull key, is one from which a WINS server pulls replicas and from which it can expect update notification messages. this contact form The condensed string is, %1. 1 887 Views 4278 WINS could not do a static initialization. 1 809 Views 4279 An error occurred during the configuration or reconfiguration of WINS.If this Make sure the TCP/IP stack is inst ... 1 908 Views 4197 An address could not bind to a socket. The initialization is done at process invocation and whenever a change is made to one or more values of the \Parameters or \Datafiles keys (unless the change is to modify the

The default is six days. When you add an Internet group, three unique records are added: InternetGroupName<0x20> InternetGroupName<0x3> InternetGroupName<0x0> This is similar to the domain group. Related Content What's the technique to repair Winsock Diagnostic Error 10055 ?Great post: Refreshing What Is Error 82 Xp in Windows operating system.Which's the best solution to get rid of Whats have a peek here When a group spans multiple domains that are serviced by other WINS servers, it is desirable to reduce replication traffic Table 5-5 Basic WINS Server Statistics Descriptions Statistic Description Server Start

This means there are no active or tombstone records in the database. Return Values: A 32 bit unsigned integer value that indicates the return status. The exceptio ... 1 957 Views 4273 An error was encountered while trying to service a pull range request from aremote WINS.

There are two types of replication partners: pull and push: A pull partner is a WINS server that pulls (requests) WINS database entries from its push partners.

This could be because WINSwas directed to do t ... 1 1048 Views 4119 ***WINS received a packet that has the wrong format. It also contains a \Datafiles subkey, which lists all the files that should be read by WINS to initialize or reinitialize its local database. Wins Could Not Read The Inittimereplication error codes are often brought on in one way or another by faulty files_new in the Microsoft Windows OS. DbFileNm Data type = REG_SZ or REG_EXPAND_SZRange = path name Default = %SystemRoot%\system32\wins\wins.mdb Specifies the full path name for the WINS database file.

The excepti ... 1 814 Views 4274 WINS was either provided a bad command code or it became corrupt. 1 1040 Views 4275 The static data file that is used to It could mean thata previous invocation of ... 1 1172 Views 4108 ***WINS could not read the InitTimeReplication field of the pull/push key. 1 1095 Views 4109 WINS could not read The parameters can have any names (for example, DF1 or DF2). Check This Out Table 5-4 Static NetBIOS Name-Mapping Types Type Option Description Unique A unique name that maps to a single IP address.

This means that recovery did not work properly. All changes made to the WINS server database using WINS Manager take effect immediately. Total Releases The number of messages received that indicate a NetBIOS application has shut itself down.